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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Your Brain Doesn't Know, But Your Body Does

Your Brain Doesn't Know, But Your Body Does

When you're feeling scared or anxious or even terrified, your brain just might not be the best thing to trust. Your body holds your deepest wisdom and although it may take a bit to sort through what you're thinking and feeling, if you can tune into your body, you just might find a surprising or helpful answer.

Here are the steps:

Find the place in your body where you feel the emotion.
For example, you may be feeling scared and it shows up in your stomach.

Tune into it. 
Become present to the feeling and the body sensation. Notice the sensation and maybe HOW it feels, in addition to WHERE you feel it.

Ask, "What are you really about?"
Relax into the question. Trust that your body holds an answer for you. It may not be immediate, but keep tuning into the body, the sensation and feeling.

Notice the thoughts you have.
You may have gotten an answer through a "random" thought. Make note of that! The body's wisdom can be elegant, yet simple.

If the "answer" is incomplete:
Ask, "What else do you have to tell me?"
Notice the thoughts that you have in response.

For most, the body's responses will be comforting. You may have additional questions or steps to take. The more you tune in, the more clear the information will be.

What's your next step that your body has revealed? 
(Take it!)

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