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Monday, January 14, 2013

Keep it Simple (and Clean)

This tool comes from Robert Powers, a counselor/therapist who has wonderful ideas:

I enjoyed going through your card set, and I have an exercise to add. When anxiety flares up pick any simple activity you can finish in less than 30 minutes: empty the dishwasher, sweep the porch, take out the trash. Completing any task gives us the feeling that we have power and are in control, and action breaks the stuck feeling that often comes with anxiety.

So, the next time you're feeling stuck or when anxiety tightens its grip, get busy. Get clean and clear!
Be well!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


What prayer appeals to you at this moment?
If you can’t think of one, try this:
Mother/Father/God/Infinite Oneness,
I release this concern/ person/ situation into Your Hands.

There are really four parts to praying, from my experience: Ask (pray for what you want/need). Listen (for the whisper or urge or guidance). Take action (on what has been provided without hesitation). Receive (with gratitude!).

So, today, I prayed, asking Spirit to show me sweetness in my life on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I was in a minor funk, needing "something extra". I asked, listened, then took action by continuing to move through my day, trusting that what I asked for would come. 

And they ALL came. These are the ones I noticed (I'm sure there are ones I missed):

My colleague wrote in an email, "That's why I think you're the bees knees" in response to a quick email I'd written, acknowledging that I was taking care of a request from a student.

In reflecting on playing the Transformation Game (It's quite a revealing and inspirational "game" -- unlike any other. See for information about it.) yesterday, I "get" how much time and energy I spend in the mental realm -- an easy place for me -- yet when I suspend attachment, life gets sweeter and easier.

And my friend Nita called. We talked briefly to catch up. When I told her I was in this funk, she offered to do some remote energy healing for/on me. Sent by Spirit, I'm sure.

Look what happens when you/I ask, then listen... and receive.