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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Emotional Awareness

Emotional Awareness
(From The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness by G. Zukav & L. Francis)

Emotional awareness is relaxing into the present moment, even when the present moment contains painful emotions. Every emotion is designed to inform you about how you are processing energy in your body so that you can choose to continue the same or change. 

Your emotions are coach toward health, healing, growth and transformation. Spend time each day paying attention to what your coach is encouraging you to be and do.

When you feel angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, stop what you are doing, what you are saying, and what you are thinking and focus your attention on what you are feeling

Move into the area of your heart. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. Notice any physical sensations or discomfort. Open to the possibility that this experience is an opportunity to learn about your emotions and to learn more about yourself.

When you find yourself wanting to please others, stop and allow yourself to feel what is beneath the surface. Ask, “Am I feeling love and trust or fear?” What is going on internally that contributes to your desire to please?

Detachment allows you to see beneath the surface. 

Simply observe your emotions in order to give yourself space; the act of observing can bring detachment. 

In this space of detachment, what answers come to you?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Listen to the Quiet Voice Inside

Listen to the Quiet Voice Inside
“Learn to follow the quiet voice within 
that speaks in feelings rather than words; 
follow what you ‘hear’ inside, 
rather than what others may be telling you to do.”
~ Bob Proctor ~

That quiet voice inside can often be hidden behind the noise of every day life. It may take practice to clear a space to be able to really hear what it's saying, but stick with it!

Brian Tracy writes about how to access your inner voice and how following its guidance can lead to greater happiness:

Meg Lundstrum offers 10 steps for tapping into your own inner guidance:

Whatever advice you choose follow, check in with the quiet voice inside to determine YOUR next step!

The Quiet Voice Inside: Following Inner Guidance

I'm learning that the way toward manifesting anything in my life is a "simple" 5-step process.

Step 1: Decide on what I want to be, do or have.

Step 2: Set the Intention = Imagine it vividly

Step 3: Ask = "I ask to/for [be, do have]..."

Step 4: Be Open = be receptive and allow whatever comes. (Suspend "the cursed hows" as Mike Dooley would say. Don't be concerned about HOW what you want to be/do/have is going to show up.)

Step 5: Take the Next (Guided) Step = Pay attention to the inner nudges and outer synchronistic events. These will unfold exactly as they are intended.

Oh, and did I mention that this involves a great deal of TRUST?!?! Holy Moly does it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Problems Without Solutions

Problems Without Solutions

Not every problem has a solution.
Not every predicament has a remedy.
Focus on CHOOSING more constructive ways of thinking about what is going on instead.

“What is needed now?”
Think to yourself, “I CHOOSE to take action.”
Take the first small step in the direction of what is needed.