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Monday, August 17, 2015

You are Seen and Appreciated

You are Seen and Appreciated
By Peggy Black

Allow yourself to feel 
the love, the gratitude, the acknowledgement that is being showered upon you 
by all those who have had a connection, a contact, a friendship, 
an interaction or relationship with you in any way at any time.

Allow yourself to be acknowledged 
for every kind deed and action
that you have ever offered to anyone, quietly,
from the kindness and compassion of your heart. 

Allow yourself to remember 
all the times you have laughed, giggled, chuckled, smiled 
and shared a precious moment with another.

Allow yourself to be honored 
for each and every time you enriched someone's life 
by your conscious actions, your examples, your commitments, 
your dedication and your big love.

Allow yourself to gather 
every precious memory of your most unique life 
and fill yourself with gratitude and joy for all that you have experienced. 

Allow yourself to know 
that you are seen and appreciated 
as the magnificent being that you are, making a difference in this world.

You are a special woman/man/person,
who touches the lives of others 
and they are made better by your presence.

"The curious paradox is 
that when I accept myself just as I am, 
then I can change." 
-- Carl Rogers

Notice what happens when you allow yourself 
-- for even just half a minute -- 
to accept yourself exactly as you are
what happens to your thoughts, feelings and actions.