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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pay Attention to Limiting Beliefs

Pay Attention to Limiting Beliefs

Identify your limiting belief(s) related to the dilemma you’re facing.

These are statements that sound like,
"Yes, but...." or ones that have "but" in them.
Or "I can't do ___ because ___."

Some limiting beliefs are about trust or rejection and feeling safe. 
All of them keep you from taking action.
How could you shift your belief(s), knowing that this will contribute to changing your perspective about what is happening?

From Victoria Gigante: Overcome 8 Common Limiting Beliefs That May Keep You Stuck:

From Tony Robbins, here are ten examples of empowering beliefs to try on:
1. The past does not equal the future.
2. There is always a way if I’m committed.3. There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.4. If I can’t, I must; if I must, I can.5. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.6. I find great joy in little things… a smile… a flower… a sunset.7. I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.8. I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.9. If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something.10. Every day above ground is a great day.

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