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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Be Creative!

Be Creative!

Write -- either about the event itself or about something completely different. 

Draw or Paint -- make it like the slogan for Outback Steakhouse: "No rules. Just right." Suspend judgement and just create something.

Dance -- move your body to a beat! It circulates and releases stress chemicals from your body so you can relax.

Sing -- it doesn't matter if you sing well, the act of singing makes your body shift into a different state. It releases endorphins, increases oxygen and circulation and stimulates the vagus nerve, which relaxes the body. Add some dancing and you'll further elevate your mood!

ANY kind of creative expression can have a meditative quality that allows us to relax. When we relax, our body-mind can process more effectively and efficiently. In a relaxed state, new solutions can drop in.

What’s your creative outlet? 

Use it to help you transform this concern!

Here's a website that offers ideas for a few creative tools as well as a video that might inspire you:

Creativity is something anyone can cultivate. This website lists 4 research-based skills and habits that boost creativity:

The 4 Skills are...
  • Capture your new ideas. 
  • Seek out challenging tasks. 
  • Broaden your knowledge. 
  • Surround yourself with interesting things and people. 

The 4 Habits
  • Sleep on it.
  • Collaborate—in writing. 
  • Let the sunshine in. 
  • Get happy. 

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