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Monday, December 29, 2014

"Let it Go"

"Let it Go"?

I'm not sure what it really means to "let it go" or "release it". And I think most people would LIKE it to be that easy, except I'm pretty sure few of us know what the steps or tools are for making that happen.

So, here are a couple:

This relates to a technique called "thought stopping".
First, practice catching yourself thinking about the situation, person or event.
Next, either in your mind or out loud (you have to be very brave to do the latter!), yell, "STOP!"
Any time you find yourself thinking about the issue, situation or person, repeat the process.

It may take several tries, but for many people, this is an effective way to let go of something that's causing distress.

CONTAIN IT, then punt or drop it.
Imagine placing the issue, situation or event in a container -- a box or huge ball or balloon -- then visualize yourself punting it like a football or spiking it like a volleyball or dropping the string of a balloon and watching it float away.

As more ideas about this strategy come to me, I'll add to this list...

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