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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Go Fund Me (Please!)

A Go Fund Me Campaign
Please Donate here.

I'm Dr. Suzan Thompson, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. I've been in private practice since 2001 and have worked with many people over the years. I'm known for taking a practical approach to working with folks and teaching them new skills to handle whatever they're struggling with.

Several years ago, in early 2009, I developed a deck of cards, the Toolkit for Transformation, out of feeling distraught from struggling with my own personal situation. I was inspired to begin jotting notes about the various tools and techniques I've used in my counseling sessions with clients. Only THIS time, _I_ was the one needing help! 
In the middle of feeling distressed, the ideas flowed. And in a matter of a few days, the cards were born.

Soon afterward, I created artwork to go with the cards. And I sat on them for awhile. 
I figured someone else had done something like it. There were countless inspirational decks on the market.  

Until I was nudged by my friends Amy Frost and Diane Merriam to research more, I'm pretty sure the cards would never have been made.

There were 52 in the original deck and it was Amy's idea to use the phrase, "Use these cards when you don't feel like you're playing with a full deck," adding an element of humor to the process of talking about the cards -- THANKS, Amy!

The deck includes a variety of cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual tools and strategies for shifting your emotional state. The strategies have been tested by many people and the cards have been positively received. 

Please Donate here.

The most recent version of the Toolkit for Transformation cards were included in a training program, called Heal Trauma Fast (, thatI co-created with Amy Frost and Jean Campbell. 

Here are a few videos about what folks said about that training and the tools they learned: 

The cards - and the strategies on each one - provide basic tools to help you get unstuck from the difficult situations that life brings. And we could ALL use some extra help at our fingertips these days, don't you think?!

So far, I've paid for the design and printing of the decks myself, but NOW, I want to develop an app

I know there are so many apps on the market, but there's none like the Toolkit for Transformation

Can YOU imagine needing an idea for shifting your thoughts or emotions when you're in the middle of feeling stuck and can't think of one yourself? (Honestly, that's what stress does to our brains: hijacks our ability to think straight!) 

Donate here.

An app would literally bring ideas to you at your fingertips!
I also want to print another round of the cards themselves that I can give to participants at workshops and presentations. 

First, money will go to my graphic designer, Kevin, who has been instrumental in printing the 2 versions of the cards up to now. The cost for the design and printing of 500 decks is roughly $1500, which includes shrink-wrap packaging.

Next, I need an app developer. The vision is for the app to be both for Androids and for iPhones/iPads. Estimated cost for developing the app for each system is $3-5000. 

Donate here.

My goal is to have the decks printed by March 3rd, and the app completed by the end of 2016.

I know that praciticing the tools and techniques on the cards in the Toolkit for Transformation have been so helpful for me -- they've made me feel better so many times! -- and they have also helped so many of my clients, too! They've learned to manage and transform difficult feelings, concerns and situations they've faced because the deck is so portable. 

Lately, I've noticed people living with greater stress and anxiety and depression. It seems like our ability to cope has been compromised. 

I want to make sure that PROVEN strategies are accessible to more people. (It would make our world a better, happier place to live in, don't you think?!)

THANK YOU!I'm grateful for any amount you're willing to donate! 

Donate here.

Your donations will help so many people who need quick and easy access to techniques that can shift their mood and mind-set! 

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!

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