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Friday, May 20, 2016

Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Your Body Speaks Your Mind
and the book, The Body Keeps the Score

More often that we are aware, our bodies are the first the register information in our life experiences. Below are simple steps to help you begin to facilitate a more friendly, compassionate relationship with your body so you have greater access to its wisdom.

1. Where in the body do you FEEL (sense) what is happening?

2. Begin to identify WHAT the sensation is.
It could be discomfort or anxiety or fear, or tiredness and drained.

3. What does this sensation remind you of?
If nothing comes up, just go to the next step. Maybe something will come to mind later.

4. Let your body know you hear it. (You're developing a friendly relationship, right!?)
It can be a simple, "I hear you."
Or maybe something like, "Thanks for letting me know. I'm handling it now."
Or a comforting statement like, "It's ok to remember the past. It's useful information for now."

5A. Ask yourself, "What do I need now?"
What's the bottom line about what's happening?
Maybe it's about having different expectations than others that need to be clarified.
Perhaps there's a "disconnect" happening: within yourself or within a relationship.

THEN (try "Shake it Off")

5 B. Ask, "Do I really need it NOW?"
Sometimes it FEELS like it's urgent, but maybe it's possible to wait a bit.


5 C. What else can I do? (If I can't get the need met.)
Try writing/journaling, or moving your body to music, or DO NOTHING.

Notice what happens to your body and the situation as you work through this process.
(Let me know how it goes!)

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