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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Become Present

Become Present
(Inspired by Jack Kornfield)

Before you DO anything else, sit quietly for just a few minutes. Tune inward -- this may take some practice! And begin to notice your body and emotions. 

What are you feeling right now?

What are your body sensations? Where in your body do you experience the feelings?

Just notice without needing to do anything with or about it. 

Allow the feelings to be there. You're experiencing them for a reason and they can guide your next step if you understand their message. 

Your body has some information for you too. Tune into it. Maybe you know what it's saying or what it means; maybe tuning in deeper could help. 

Give yourself the gift of presence and of the space to pause, notice and integrate. 

From this calm, present place, allow yourself to create your next step. 

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