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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Journaling for Transformation

Journaling for Transformation

Becoming more authentic and aware of what we are thinking and feeling requires change. 

Change takes work and it is through self-examination and reflection that we can make sense of the situations we face and information we access. 

Journaling just 20 minutes daily has many positive benefits; if you want to use it to tackle a difficult situation you’re now facing, try the following approach:

Use the “What? So What? Now What?” Model (Driscoll, 1994) 
of exploring the events of your life to access the wisdom of the connection between your head and your heart:

What? = What happened? What was the event that you experienced? What did someone say or do?

So What? = How did the situation/event affect you? What thoughts/feelings/reactions are you left with? What else does this remind you of?

Now What? = Focusing on your actions/beliefs/feelings, if you could replay the event/situation, what would you change? What did you learn? What was the good that came from this?

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